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   Peter & Pattimari

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The Book Reading Ape spotlights Authors

Comments from our Authors

Thank you Peter and Pattimari for doing such a good job with the monthly magazine.


I really love everybody's columns and want to think you all for writing such great stuff.

Thank you Suzanne, I always read your columns and  thank you are a special lady who I admire.


I love Dr. Willie's messages


Peter you and Johnny are great writers.


Suzanne always makes me feel better. Thank you Suzanne.


Congratulations to Peter & Pattimari on coming into their 3rd year of publishing PnP Authors Promotional Magazine. Once again thank you for the opportunity to write for the magazine. I appreciate Peter and Pattimari's comments throughout the year and find them encouraging both personally and professionally, likewise comments from all the lovely readers - thank you. blessings Suzanne

I can't get over how wonderful writers are writing in this magazine. Love it.


Wonderful! Wonderful! Writings by everybody~

Charles always writes such interesting stuff.


Peter & Pattimari appreciate all of your wonderful interesting comments~

Thank You!